General Utility Placeholders

These are single responsibility placeholders which are to be extended to help reduce duplication in our Sass.

Micro Clearfix to clear floats.


Enable inline block as far back as IE7.


Remove iOS and OSX defaults.


Hide text in order to replace with a background image.


Visually hide using clip - still available to Screen Readers.

Can also be applied using .accessibility


Show an element after it has been hidden using %visually-hide.


Apply to a pseudo element to give it content.


Apply to a pseudo element to give it content and absolute positioning.


Hide using opacity.


Show using opacity - to cancel %invisible.


Split long words over multiple lines. Useful for hyperlinks.

The same as applying .break-text


Truncate single line text and cap it with an ellipsis.


Cancels out the default font-smoothing: antialiased effect.

It makes the characters bolder and works well on small type.